Live Television

Live television refers to a television production broadcast in real-time, as events happen, in the present.

From the early days of television until about 1958, live television was used heavily, except for filmed shows such as I Love Lucy and Gunsmoke. Although videotape was invented in 1957, its initial high cost ($300 per one hour reel or $2,495 in 2015 dollars) meant it was only very gradually adopted. Some genres, such as soap operas, did not completely abandon live broadcasts until the mid-1970s.

Today, television networks provide most live television mostly for morning shows with television programs such as: Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, This Morning, etc. broadcast live in the UK, Sunrise live in Australia, Canada AM live in Canada, and Today, Good Morning America & CBS This Morning in the US airing live only in the Eastern Time Zone. (the only exception being CBS This Morning - Saturday which airs live in the Eastern & Central time zones).

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